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Trading under AA Car Insurance is a British engine association, which was established in 1905 and now offers insurance for vehicles, driving courses, breakup cover, loans, engine advice, road maps, and other services.

The company is also a leading automotive insurance company. In 1999, the association moved to become a private limited company and a public limited company from 2014 onwards (plc). The AA Motoring Trust was founded in 2002 to continue its programs of public concern and road safety.

AA Car Insurance

Historiography of AA Car Insurance

Charitable organization

In reaction to the Motor Cars Act 1903, which imposed new punishments to exceed a speed limit, ruthless driving with fines, approvals, and the threat of imprisonment for speed and other mobile offenses, the Auto Association was established in 1905 to help drivers clear speed traps for police cars.

The act allowed drivers to have a driving license (obtained in a post office without a payment test of five shillings) and to have a plaque on their car displayed.

By 1906, the AA had installed thousands of highway danger signs and maintained road signage until the municipal councils had assumed responsibility at the beginning of the 1930s. By 1926, 6,500 directional signs and 15,000 village signs had been placed in the organization, most of them removed during WWII.

 In 1908, the organization issued the first Special Manual for AA Members with a directory of agents and repairers throughout the nation.

In 1910, the Chief Justice, Lord Alverston, ruled that if a police officer alerts a speeding vehicle to slow down to stop a speed trap in the event of a civil trial (Betts vs. Stevens) involving an AA patrolman and possible motorist he was to commit a crime of “obstructing an officer in his duties” under the Crimes Prevention Amendment Act (1885), as was the case.

The organization then adopted a coded alert device, used until the 1960s, under which an AA patrol officer welcomed the driver of a car with a clear AA Badge without a speed trap near it, recognizing that its officers should not be charged on grounds of lack of greeting.

“It can’t be stressed so much that anytime a patrol fails to greet, the participant can pause and ask why, because it’s sure the patrol has something important to communicate. The AA Handbook says.

AA Routes were introduced in 1910, hotels and restaurants inspected, AAS Star Classification was issued in 1912, and pre-acquisition and after injury repair inspections were introduced in the 20s.

In 1920 the founders were sent keyboards to wooden roadside telephone boxes to support the organization (the boxes had been erected from 1912 as shelters for watchmen or patrolmen). Nearly 1,000 boxes were used in their heyday and until the 1960s.

After the war, the AA led the demonstration, abolished in 1950, against fuel rationing.  In 1949, a failure and a rescue service was launched, first only in London and then nationally expanded. The brokerage business of AA Insurance was launched in 1967.

Forced seat belts and the proliferation of unleaded petroleum the organization lobbied. In the UK, the seat belt rule was passed by the Transport Act 1981 on 1 January 1983. In what they call ‘unfair taxation’ the AA pressured successive regimes.

The AA moved to Basingstoke in February 1972, from its central offices in London. The next year it started broadcasting traffic forecasts from AA Roadwatch on commercial radio stations. In 1973 also, AA Relay was launched, which will supply a damaged truck, driver and passenger, baggage, and trailer to every part of the country.

Critique of the Member

In 1998 it turned out that candidates had the right to represent the Executive Committee after inquiries conducted by James Birkin, an AA member. It also turned out that no AA members ever stood up for elections during correspondence.

The Committee was then entitled to veto such members and had actually already selected new members. In 1998 Birkin represented the Committee after issuing a press release that was strongly critical of the system’s workings in the London Evening Standard for the first time.

The committee properly denied him the right to stand as a candidate. The annual meeting in May 1998, which described the Executive Committee as a ‘self-perpetuating oligarchy,’ followed criticism. Criticism The meeting consistently criticized President Sir Brian Shaw for saying the “voting with foot” representatives who are dissatisfied with this scheme. 

For a corporation for profit

In July 1999, the association became a private limited enterprise, which Centrica purchased later the same year (owners of British Gas and Scottish Gas).  In July 2004, Centrica sold the AA to two private equity companies, CVC and Permira, who combined the AA and Saga into Acromas Holdings in July 2007.

In July 2013, AA Cars are introduced and used for the link between buyers and sellers. The service is a collaboration with Vcars to re-brand the original web service of its client and provide an overview of the history of the vehicle. More than 110 000 cars were purchased by 2,000 licensed dealers at the time of the rebranding

The AA was codified as AA plc by an initial public binding, with Acromas selling half of its shares, on the London Bourses in June 2014. The report is not available. The AA was awarded the garage reservation service Motoriet in September 2015. The AA had about 3000 patrol employees that year.  The same from June 2014 until the time he was fired for “gross incompetence,” Bob Mackenzie was Chief Executive Officer who headed the purchase from Acromas until August 2017.

He was replaced as Chief Executive Officer by Simon Breakwell and as Chairman of John Leach.

In July 2015, over 500 new VW cars were added to the patrol fleet by the AA.  In February 2017, additional vans were ordered. The next: 

From 1910 the organization was active in Ireland.

The report is in French only. The company AA Ireland was sold in June 2016 to Carlyle Cardinal Ireland Fund and Carlyle Global Financial Services Partners.  The same. In the first half of 2017, the organization said it had paid 3.3 million members.

A TowerBrook Capital Partners and Warburg Pincus consortium acknowledged the takeover offer in November 2020.

Caritas ongoing

The AA Road Safety Research Foundation was established by the AA in 1986. The AA Motoring Trust was formed by the 2002 Association for Continuing the Interest in the AA and its road safety activities. The Association of Advanced Motorists shifted its responsibility at the end of 2006 to the IAM Motoring Trust.  The report of the Commission of the European Parliament

aa car insurance

AA assessments and prizes

Hotels, bed and breakfast, and self-catering

In accordance with quality requirements, the AA grants ratings in accordance with the scheme decided by the AA and by different UK tourism agencies. Properties with one to five stars are given the star rank. Furthermore, each hotel has a “merit percentage score” which enables hotels with identical star ratings to be compared.

The “Red Star” award “AA Inspectors’ Choice” can also be given to hotels considered to stand out. The “Gold Star” for properties considered to be distinguished is a similar award for guest accommodation. Caravan parks and campsites

Campsites and caravan parks on five points are given a “Pennant rank” by the AA. A percentage score is often awarded to allow parks with the same ranking to be compared. 


AA inspectors offer AA rosettes on a system of zero to five. One or more rosettes is won in ten restaurants.  Around 2,000 restaurants carried AA rosettes in the UK and Ireland by 2020.

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